Call Ducks

Call ducks are bantam ducks raised primarily for decoration or as pets; however they were originally used as decoy ducks in Europe when live decoys were used for hunting. Calls are energetic and active; they are small weighing only about 1.5 pounds and have plump bowl-shaped bodies; wide, rounded heads; tiny, broad bills and short legs, as well as being vocal with a high pitched call. It became known as a Coy or Decoy duck in the Netherlands where its high-pitched distinctive call was used to lure wild ducks into funnel traps and later they were tethered to draw other species within range of the hunter’s guns. Calls lay 25-75 eggs a year and in North America win more duck championships than any other breed. They were originally called Coy ducks or decoy ducks which came from the Dutch word de kooimeaning trap. Some Dutch writers believe that the call originated in the Far East and that they were brought to Europe by Dutch captains coming from Japan. Call ducks were brought to Britain by the 1850’s and were one of the first 6 breeds of waterfowl to be standardized in 1865. During the first half of the 1900’s Call ducks had pretty much disappeared, however the breed was maintained and became more popular by the 70’s. They had been absent from standards since the 1865 edition and were reintroduced in 1982. They have been gaining in popularity ever since.

Duckopolis has calls available in:

Black Bibbed, Blue Bibbed, Grey, and White


Call ducks are sold only as juvenile/mature ducks. 

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