Babydoll X Lamb Deposit

Babydoll X Lamb Deposit

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Pre-order babydoll X lambs. Duckopolis breeds our suffolk, cheviot, and commercial ewe lambs to babydoll rams for the first year. All lambs will be 50% babydoll. Lambs will be an assortment of colours, including white, black, and speckled. Choice of individual lambs will be done on a first order received basis. Lambs will be a minimum of 8 weeks before they are ready for pickup, lambing starts in April each year.

This is a deposit, the balance will be due at the time of pickup, or if being shipped 3 weeks prior to shipment. Full prices for babydoll X lambs are $300 ea for ewe lambs, $200 each for ram lambs, and $150 each for wethers.

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