Layer Hybrid Ducks

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Only 287 left!

Duckopolis has a number of layer hybrid ducks available. 90% of them are 9- 14 months of age, the other 10% would be up to 3 years of age. They are all together so both age groups are possible. Most of the ducks are white, however we do have some that are coloured. The coloured ones are mostly black bibbed, khaki, or mallard coloured but there are other possibilities.

These ducks should lay 288 eggs per year under ideal settings.

FALL SALE!: Buy 10 layer hens, and get 10 hens FREE!

SPECIAL OFFER*: For each hen purchased, a male can be paired with her for no charge. To take advantage of this offer, please put a note on the order with the number of males you would like and we will add them to the order for you.

*while males last

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