Duck Eggs

Duckopolis offers duck eggs for sale for eating!

Duck eggs can be used wherever you would normally use chicken eggs.  However they are better than chicken eggs in every way:

They surpass chicken eggs in nearly every nutritional category! Duck eggs will also stay fresh longer due to their thick shell.

They have more albumen and a richer taste which will make cakes and baking fluffier and better tasting!

The majority of people that are allergic to chicken eggs, are able to eat duck eggs! (be sure to consult with your physician about your personal situation)


Nutritional Value

On a per gram basis the only nutrient that chicken eggs have more of is water. Duck eggs average 10% more minerals than chicken eggs, in fact they have a higher amount in 9 of the 10 major minerals, including twice the iron. Vitamin content between the two eggs is similar, the difference being that duck eggs have 40% more vitamins on average. They also have a higher fat content than chicken eggs, resulting in more flavour and a better texture.

Duck Eggs in Baking

Duck eggs are the preferred choice of professional chefs when it comes to baking! Their yolks have more fat than chicken eggs resulting in a richer flavour. As well their whites have more protein, which helps baked goods rise more and become fluffier. They are great when they are used in gluten free baking! The denser albumen binds the ingredients and helps recover the structure that you generally loose by omitting gluten; texture is also improved.


Our eggs are available year round. They can be picked up from the farm, we also deliver to the west side of Edmonton every Thursday (orders need to be in by Wednesday noon each week to be delivered on Thursday). For larger orders, a different delivery location may be arranged. Please contact us to discuss this option.