Ordering Information


Day Old Poultry:


All day old orders require prepayment. With the exception of pilgrim goslings all day olds are sold straight run (unsexed), meaning you will get a mix of males and females. Duckopolis does not have control over what the exact ratio is that you will receive as it will vary from hatch to hatch. Please be aware that on small orders the ratio can vary greatly, and unfortunately can end up being all one sex.

Day olds will be available by pre-order. Pre-orders can be placed through the website, however hatch dates are no longer able to be preselected. Duckopolis will assign hatch dates to orders once the eggs for that hatch are in the incubator and Duckopolis is able to more accurately estimate the number of day olds that are expected to hatch. Pre-orders will be filled in as close to the order received as possible. Hatches will start in April, and Duckopolis will contact orders for each hatch date 3 weeks prior to the hatch to confirm the hatch date. Duckopolis reserves the right to fill orders in the order that we determine to best match the available eggs or shipping for any specific hatch. Select hatch dates will be reserved for Duckopolis to sell day olds at predetermined poultry sales.

If day olds are ordered for pickup from the farm, they need to be picked up by the Saturday following their hatch. DUCKOPOLIS DOES NOT ALLOW PICKUPS ON THE HATCH DATE! Orders can be picked up between Wednesday and Saturday. As we are a working farm pickups need an appointment so that we are available and in the yard when you arrive. Orders not picked up by Saturday will be charged a brooding fee of $2/day old, if the order is not picked up by the following Wednesday it will be deemed forfeit, and the deposit paid will be transferred into a credit. Credits are non-refundable but can be used for any future purchase. To apply a credit on a future order, that order will need to be phoned in, or an email sent in advance so that we can send you a code to use to recieve your credit. Orders placed for a hatch date that has already passed will be reassigned to the next available hatch. 

All day old poultry will come with a 24 hour live guarantee from the time they are picked up, or received from the shipping company. Any losses during this time will be compensated with a credit for their value that can be used on any future purchase.

If you are ordering your day olds to be shipped, the following minimum order numbers apply: bantam and polish chicks (8), other chicks (6), ducklings (4), goslings (4), keets (8), and poults (8).


Juvenile/Mature Poultry:


All juvenile and mature poultry will be posted when they are available. These birds will be ready to go immediately whether by pickup or if they are to be shipped. After an order is placed, Duckopolis will contact you within 1-2 business days to make arrangements for a pickup appointment or to schedule a ship date. Duckopolis will also sell birds through auctions from time to time, these birds will generally be posted on our Facebook page prior to the sale, but will need to be purchased at the sale itself.




All pre-orders of sheep require a deposit for each lamb to be held. The balance will be due when the order is picked up, or if being shipped prior to shipment. Babydoll lambs are available after they have reached 8 weeks of age, other breeds are not available until after they have been weaned.


Cancellation of Orders:


Cancellation and refunding of orders may take up to five business days to process. Duckopolis reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of $50 per order, at our discretion, on any order that is cancelled for any reason including but not limited to charge backs, orders that are cancelled after the order is ready, and orders that are delivered but the customer fails to pickup.

Orders that are paid by credit card will be charged a 4% cancellation fee if they are canceled for a reason other than Duckopolis not being able to fill the order. This fee is to cover the credit card processing charges we are billed as they are not returned to us by our payment processing provider in the event of a refund.


Right to Decline Orders/Limit Services:


Duckopolis reserves the right to decline orders or limit services available for orders. In the event that Duckopolis declines an order that order will be cancelled and refunded in full. Duckopolis reserves the right to limit services available for orders, such as payment methods or shipping options.


Changes to these Terms:


Duckopolis reserves the right to revise these terms from time to time as we deem necessary. Revisions to these terms will be considered binding from the time they are posted and your continued relationship with Duckopolis expresses your acceptance of any revisions.