Ordering Information

Duckopolis Ordering Information:


Day Old Poultry:


All day old orders require prepayment to be held. With the exception of pilgrim goslings all day olds are sold straight run (unsexed), meaning you will get a mix of males and females. Duckopolis does not have control over what the exact ratio is that you will receive as it will vary from hatch to hatch. Please be aware that on small orders the ratio can vary greatly.

Hatch dates are every Tuesday during breeding season; some breeds are available year round, while others are only available at certain times. Duckopolis will do everything in our power to fill your order on the hatch date requested, however please remember this is livestock that you are ordering and things can happen that are out of our control. In the event that we are not able to fill your order on the expected hatch date, you will have the choice to postpone the order to a future hatch date, receive a refund for the order, or use the deposit to purchase any other poultry or products that are currently available.

If day olds are ordered for pickup from the farm, they need to be picked up by the Saturday following their hatch. DUCKOPOLIS DOES NOT ALLOW PICKUPS ON THE HATCH DATE! Orders can be picked up between Wednesday and Saturday. Orders not picked up by Saturday will be charged a brooding fee of $2/day old, if the order is not picked up by the following Wednesday it will be deemed forfeit, and the deposit paid will be transferred into a credit. Credits are non-refundable but can be used for any future purchase. To apply a credit on a future order, that order will need to be phoned in.

All day old poultry will come with a 24 hour live guarantee from the time they are picked up, or received from the shipping company. Any losses during this time, will either be refunded, or replaced at Duckopolis’ discretion.

If you are ordering your day olds to be shipped, the following minimum order numbers apply: chicks (10), ducklings (8), goslings (6), keets (15), and poults (15).


Juvenile Poultry:


All juvenile orders require a 50% deposit to be held. The balance will be due on pickup, or if being shipped 3 weeks prior to shipment. Juvenile poultry being ordered will be the following ages: Chickens (20-24 weeks), Ducks (12-24 weeks), Geese (12-20 weeks), Guinea Fowl (16-20 weeks), Peafowl (12-20 weeks), and Turkeys (16-20 weeks).

Some varieties of juvenile poultry are graded into quality groups. The group categories are utility, breeder, and show quality.

Utility Quality: These birds represent the breed, however are best used for general farm use and pets not for breeding stock.

Breeder Quality: These birds have one or a couple minor faults that prevent them from being a show quality bird. While not show quality themselves they have the potential to produce show quality stock.

Show Quality: These birds meet their breed standard with no faults, please note that even when both parents are show quality it does not guarantee show quality offspring.

Poultry that are sold graded are graded by Duckopolis according to our understanding and interpretation of the APA’s Standard of Perfection, and the standards for each grade class we have established from that. Please note that different breeders have different qualities that they emphasize and therefore grading can vary from breeder to breeder. Duckopolis grades our birds according to a very strict standard. Grading done on birds is entirely at Duckopolis’ discretion and as such all grading is final.

When ordering poultry that is graded, Duckopolis will do our best to have the grade you requested available for your order however the final quality of the poultry that is produced can impact availability of your order. In the event we are unable to breed the grade of poultry you have requested, the following options will be available: selection of a different grade level, wait until the requested grade is available, or receive a refund for the order.




All pre-orders of sheep require a deposit for each lamb to be held. The balance will be due when the order is picked up, or if being shipped 3 weeks prior to shipment. Babydoll lambs are available after they have reached 8 weeks of age, other breeds are not available until after they have been weaned.