Peafowl can live forty to fifty years with proper care, they are very hardy birds, and come in a variety of colours. By two years peafowl will normally reach breeding age. A peacock that is three years old is considered mature. As an extra source of calories to improve body heat shelled corn can be added to their feed in the winter months.

A peacock will have a full tail by the time he is three, and the tail will lengthen and become fuller over the next two or three years. By the time he is five or six the tail will remain constant and of equal quality for the rest of the bird’s life if he remains healthy. Tails are very important to the breeding cycle of peafowl and the peacock will moult his tail in late summer to signal the end of the breeding season. Two year old males with longer tails will be better breeders at this age than other males of the same age with smaller tails. Flat roosts such as 2X4’s should be used rather than round roosts because with round roosts the birds toes have a higher chance of suffering frostbite in cold weather from gripping the roost. Flat roosts allow the bird to stand on the roost without having to grip his feet which helps to prevent frostbite.

Peafowls highly ornamental appearance motivated early seafarers to bring the birds back with them when they returned home. During the time of King Solomon in 1000 BC, Phoenician traders introduced them to Syria and the Egyptian Pharaohs. Alexander the Great introduced the bird to the Mediterranean regions and punished anyone who harmed them. Peafowl were a popular status symbol and maintained this through Roman times and the Middle Ages. This ensured their survival in Europe.

Duckopolis has the following varieties of peafowl available:

Black Shoulder, India Blue, Silver Pied, and White


Peafowl are available as juvenile or mature birds. 

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