Duck-Bills Rewards Program


Earn "Duck-Bills" on orders of Day Old Poultry!

Duck-Bills can be used towards any future order with Duckopolis!

1 Duck-Bill = $1 Store Credit



How To Earn Duck-Bills

  • Purchase poultry and receive 2% of your order value in Duck-Bills!
  • Purchase $250+ in poultry on an order and receive 4% of your order value in Duck-Bills!

Lifetime VIP Customers

  • Lifetime VIP Customers will receive an additional 2% of their order value of poultry in Duck-Bills!
  • Automatically qualify as a Lifetime VIP Customer after purchasing $5000+ from Duckopolis
  • All purchases (day old poultry, juvenile/mature poultry, sheep, produce, etc) count towards becomming a Lifetime VIP Customer!