Assorted Silkie Chicks

  • $10.00

Only 5 left!

Pre-order day old silkie chicks. Chicks are all sold straight run (unsexed).

Assorted silkie chicks are all pure silkie, however the parent pen is a mix of colours, so the resulting chicks will be a mix of colours. The colours of the chicks may or may not be a standard colour of silkie.

Minimum order number for silkie chicks being shipped is 10, this number can be made by combining any breeds of chicks or keets.

Chicks ordered for pickup can be picked up the Thursday or Saturday after the hatch. We are not able to allow pickups on the actual hatch date. You will be emailed prior to the hatch to schedule a pickup appointment. An appointment must be made to pickup the chicks to ensure we will be available to help you.

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