Babydoll Lamb Deposit

  • $100.00

Only 4 left!

Pre-order registered babydoll lambs. Duckopolis has black, spotted, and white colours of babydolls. Lambs will be a minimum of 8 weeks before they are ready for pickup, lambing starts in April each year.

Pre-orders for babydoll lambs are taken based on the sex of the lamb (ewe, ram, wether) not on the colour. Once the lambs are born and we know the numbers of each colour that we have available, we will reach out to preorders in the order they were received to book colours.

This is a deposit, the balance will be due at the time of pickup, or if being shipped prior to shipment.

Full prices for babydoll lambs are:

Black Ewe: $800

Black Ram: $500

Spotted Ewe: $800-1,200*

Spotted Ram: $500-800*

White Ewe: $800

White Ram: $500

Wethers (all colours)**: $150

*Spotted lamb pricing depends on how spotted each lamb is

**Wethers will not have registration papers