White Crested Black Polish Chicks

White Crested Black Polish Chicks

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Pre-order day old White Crested Black Polish chicks. Chicks are all sold straight run (unsexed).

Duckopolis is working towards breeding bearded white cresed black polish. To complete this we had to breed them with another colour of polish. We are still working on ensuring proper colouring in the chicks. This years white crested black chicks may have gold or silver leakage in their plumage, and will have varying amounts of white in their crest. The chicks will be both bearded and non-bearded.

Minimum order number for Polish chicks being shipped is 8, this number can be made by combining any breeds of chicks or guinea keets.

Chicks ordered for pickup can be picked up the Thursday or Saturday after the hatch. We are not able to allow pickups on the actual hatch date. You will be emailed prior to the hatch to schedule a pickup appointment. An appointment must be made to pickup the chicks to ensure we will be available to help you.

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